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Arjun Chopra, Founder

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We realise that many startups and early organisations  have enormous potential but lack the ability to show themselves in the ever-increasing competitive climate we live in without huge Social Proof. We take it upon ourselves to really understand your narrative and then share it with the world utilising only the most cutting-edge ways. 

With 4x4 Social by your side, we work with you to take your company's marketability, position, and authority soar to new heights.

Our Story

Launched in 2021, 4by4 Social is Los Angeles based Design & Social Medial Agency.

Founded by award-winning tech entrepreneurs,  we provide a full-service design and social media agency that uses bespoke design and social media approaches to create disruptive brands online.


Our team is made up of creators who come from various professional backgrounds, with a combined 20+ years of expertise in design and social media management. Our goal is to create your digital footprint and share your story to the rest of the world.

83% of users discover a brands personality through social media & design.

83% of users discover a brands personality through social media & good design.


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